Friday, October 13, 2006

10th anniversary gala....

We had our 10th Anniversary Gala in Washington, DC on October 4. Salma Hayek was one of the award recipients as well as Yvette Cade (a domestic violence survivor - her husband threw gasoline on her and set her on fire. She is an amazing, brave and sweet woman.

Everything was great -- first class all the way. The room was beautiful. It was a purple/silver motif with beautiful place settings and flowers. It was the best event we have had to date.

The food was delicious. I was able to go to DC last month for the tasting and that was so much fun. They had a delicious butternut squash soup but there was so much going on at the reception that I didn't get a chance to eat any of the soup. Thank goodness I had tasted everything at the tasting so I didn't miss out on too much at the actual event.

There was just one teeny tiny problem -- my shoes! I bought a new outfit and looked nice. I was running late of course and was rushing to get to the car that was waiting for me; when I put on my shoes as I was running out the door, I noticed that something was wrong. Sure enough, I had two right shoes. And, I didn't have any other dress shoes to go with the outfit and didn't have any time to go to the store.

I bought the shoes right before I left and didn't even notice anything wrong at the store. That is the way my luck is so I wasn't too surprised -- just kind of went with the flow.

It was unbelievable and painful. Luckily one of the advocates is studying to be a masseuse and she gave me a foot massage to ease the pain.

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute had their big gala the same night. And Prince Felipe, Spain's Crown Prince, was their honored guest. I still can't believe that I was in DC the same time as Prince Felipe and I wasn't able to go to the dinner. I told my boss that she shouldn't be surprised if I slipped out of our event and headed over to CHCI's dinner.