Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tip of the Day: iPad Battery Losing Its Charge? Close Out Those Apps!

For the past couple of months my iPad has been running through the battery at a high rate. I used to be able to leave it on all the time, play on it and not have to charge it for days. Then I upgraded it and started noticing problems.

I tried everything I could think of, which, ok, consisted of googling for an answer and asking a co-worker. He suggested closing out my apps. I thought I was whenever I would stop using them! So, nothing worked and I took it into the Apple store. I had visions of them upgrading my iPad to the iPad 2.

Hey it worked on my nephew. "Someone" (seriously not me but I don't want to upset her by saying her name) accidentally dropped his iPad on the concrete and shattered it.

I took it in and they gave him a new one since his couldn't be repaired. No such luck with mine. But they did tell me how to fix it. It hasn't worked yet but they said give it a couple of days.

How to restore your iPad battery level:

You need to close out your apps from the multi-task bar. I mentioned how to bring up the multi-task bar in a previous post. Then you hold down one of the apps until a "minus (-)" sign comes up then click on the (-) sign and it will delete that app from the bar. Hopefully this will work.

And is there a manual some place for all these changes Apple made for the iPad that I have to find out about piece by piece?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Chicago Blackhawks in Dallas

I was lucky enough to get away and go to the Blackhawks game in Dallas recently. Oh how I love watching hockey - especially my Chicago team! For some reason they always seem to lose whenever I see them in Dallas which is really bad for me because Dallas has some obnoxious fans. And, of course, I wear my Patrick Sharp jersey to all the games I go to so my allegiance is right up front.
This time was no different. We went early so I could get good photos of them practicing. And I was pleasantly surprised to find our seats right next to the players bench! I don't know how lucky the players thought it was - they are just trying to do their jobs and there is this woman snapping 600 pictures of them while they are trying to concentrate or weep in peace. (Sorry Duncan Keith)
(note: that photo is with my iPhone with no zoom!)

Several fans in our area started heckling the players and there were quite a few Blackhawks fans around me so for a while there I thought some punches were going to be thrown. But it wasn't to be -- there were plenty of fights on the ice though. And yes they lost.

(in case you can't see the slide show and want to see all 156 photos I you go: Chicago Blackhawks at Dallas Stars, March 17, 2011)

Until next time Blackhawks.