Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sydni quote

My niece Sydni likes to have her back rubbed as she goes to sleep. When I got home from my trip last night we stayed up and talked because she had a lot on her mind. After an hour I finally told her she needed to get some sleep so she rolled over. After a little while she said:

"Do you think I rolled over for nothin'? Get to work woman!"

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Cleveland the finale

After the Indians game they had a spectacular fireworks show that I could see from my hotel room. Caleb asked if they were longer than the Express show and when I said yes he decided he wants to go to Cleveland to see a game.

The trip home was awful. I was on a AA regional jet and the turbulence was awful! Never again.

I'm home resting with my niece and nephews today.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Cleveland part 3

I went on the "Lolly Trolley" and I gotta tell you, I wasn't too impressed. The best things were the baseball and football fields, Rock & Roll museum and the stuff around that area.

We stopped at this garden and there were these "may flies" all over the place. They looked like baby dragonfly's to me.

After the tour I switched hotels because a) it was free and b) it is across the street from Progressive Field and I'm going to the Indians baseball game (well I just got back from the game). The Indians are playing the Brewers. There were a few home runs from both teams. It was Major League Monday and we got Rick Vaughn bobble heads with the black glasses and all. Got the kids lots of souvenirs (man they have a good Auntie!) and took some pics. The stadium has problems with sea gulls landing on the field so they are now shooting off fireworks after each half inning to scare them away. They still fly around though and everyone oohs and ahs.

(Bob Eucker)

Of course I had to pick my guys to watch and I picked Mark DeRosa (CLE) and Ryan Braun (MIL). Cuties!! I left when Cleveland was winning 12-8. As soon as I got in my room, Prince Fielder made a grand slam home run for the Brewers... and the Indians just lost the game 14-12.

(Mark DeRosa)

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Cleveland part 2

The convention ended today. Bought some cute stuff and went to the Cadillac Ranch for lunch. They have a mechanical bull!

Also saw another leg lamp at the visitors center. That cracks me up!!

Off to tour the city on the "Lolly Trolly".
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

great line from a book...

"Now I know why you want to stay out of the line of fire. You're only packing a pellet gun."

Said by Rebecca to her sister Greta when Greta tried to lob an insult back at her.

From "A Husband of Her Own" by Brenda Novak.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Travel update - Cleveland

I am traveling for work this weekend. I was supposed to leave on Thursday morning but bad weather in Dallas delayed pretty much all of AA's flights. The line was so long to talk to a ticket agent that I called instead. They couldn't get me out until Saturday so I flew NWA instead and came in on Friday. That was my first time flying NWA and also my first time going through Detroit. Both the planes and the airport were tiny and a total of about six hours of delays from them too.

Cleveland is not what I expected. My driver from the airport was a trip. First he couldn't open the trunk, then he left his portfolio on the top of the car and it went flying down the road, then he guns the gas and we jerk around. I hope I don't have him on the way back on Tuesday.

During my lunch break I hopped a cab to the house where "A Christmas Story" was filmed. That is my dad's favorite movie so I had to get some pics for him. It was so funny seeing all this stuff from the movie. I bought Dad, Mom and my sis some souvenirs - not the kids because they haven't become used to the movie like we have. Every year we watched the marathon of that movie on TBS and every year we asked each other "how many times is dad going to watch that movie?".

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Yankees stadium

I got some great shots on my regular camera -- not that great with the iPhone.

** updated to add more pics..,.
(stadium, Alex Rodriguez, Andy Petitte and Derek Jeter)

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Hotel etiquette

You would think people would know how to act in a hotel - now I am talking middle-aged people not teenagers. I am staying at a hotel tonight to catch an early morning flight and there have been people outside in the patio area talking so loud and just being extremly obnoxious. And I am on the third floor and it is keeping me up. Just now several older men came down the hall screaming at people in other rooms and just being idiots. It is almost midnight -- I just can't believe the rudeness of people.

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Sunday, June 07, 2009

travel update....

seriously going to try and keep up with this blog (snickers).

Went to NYC for work at the end of May for five days. Busy few days with meetings. Also went to a Yankees game at the new stadium. OMG!!! That stadium is awesome!!! It is beautiful, has a HUGE jumbotron that is so clear and the seats are comfy. It is absolutely beautiful. There are giant posters about the history of the team AND there are servers who would come with our food (at least in the section we were sitting in). They didn't start out well but by the bottom of the 1st, the Yankees scored six runs in that inning. WooHoo. One cool thing is the grounds crew clean and dance to YMCA at the top of the 7th. We left early but they did win the game.

Saw the actress who was in one episode of Sex and the City on the subway on the way home from the game. She played the girl who met Carrie in the bathroom-- told her that she went out with Aiden after Carrie did and then made a face. That bugged Carrie and she had to know what that face meant.

After NY, went to Nashville also on business on a new campaign we're working on with one of our celebs. She is so cool and down to earth. It was a great meeting and so many good things are going to come out of this partnership.

Went shopping for souvenirs for the kids before the meeting since we got there so early. There was so much "stuff" -- bought a finger nail clipper in the shape of a guitar. Almost got a fly swatter in the shape of a guitar too but held out.

(May 26, 2009)
Next trip is next week to Cleveland. Also going to an Indians game to continue my tour of the ballparks.