Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bridal Shower Dish Towel Cake

Bridal Shower Dish Towel Cake

I love Pinterest. Like really love it. There are so many wonderful things on there just waiting to be made.

This bridal shower cake made out of dish towels came to be because I saw a picture on Pinterest and knew I'd make it eventually. Well the time finally came when I got my invitation for my cousin's fiancée's wedding shower.

It was fairly simple to make. The shape of the bottom layer gave me some problems but all in all it was simple. I had such fun putting it all together.


8 piece kitchen tool set with utensil caddy
Wooden cutting board
Wooden spoons
Scoops of love scooper
1 set of 3 dish towels (coordinating colors)
1 set of 6 wash cloths (coordinating colors)
Popcorn bowl
Packing tape
Can of soup or nuts


Wrap the bowl and caddy in dish towels. Use packing tape to keep towels down.

You can also make round circles out of cardboard boxes. If you go this route you can use pins or hot glue to keep everything in place.

Take the can of soup or nuts (empty nuts can) to use as a stand for the caddy. Add the caddy to the can securing with packing tape. Spread the last dish towel across the popcorn bowl to peek out of both ends. Place the can and caddy on top of the dish towel.

Start adding the utensils and extra kitchen items. Make a fan out of the wash cloths and double over and place between the utensils. Add ribbon to a few of the utensils.

Add ribbon and bows to the bowls if desired. Place finished "cake" on the cutting board.

I planned to add a "W" to the bottom layer for their last name but just ran out of time.