Friday, April 28, 2006

george lopez...

My sister Diane and I went to the George Lopez concert in Austin tonight. That is one funny mexcan. 99% of what he says is absolutely true -- he talked about how kids today wouldn't last a day growing up how we did back in the old days. He talked about eating eggs with weiner, drinking water from the hose outside, eating menudo to help a hangover....ah the good old days.

He also talked a lot about the Immigration Rights debate that is going on now -- there are 39 million Mexicans in the US. They (idiots) are trying to get rid of 2 million -- George said that's not a problem; we'll just crank some more out to make up for those 2 million. When he first came out, he said something about people wanting to get rid of the Mexicans; and then he said "we aint going nowhere" which brought a huge response from the audience.

Robert Rodrigez (man is that man gorgeous!) introduced George and said that there were 13,000 people in the audience -- not bad.

I couldn't believe it but a guy was arrested for hitting his girlfriend during the show. He was in the second or third row and the cops came and took him away and George asked what he did to be arrested and they told him he was hitting the girl; he got after the folks around them for not doing anything about it. Then, a crazy woman kept trying to get up close to him and they had to haul her out -- it took like six security guards to deal with the woman.

Jorge -- that is one funny mexcan!

Monday, April 10, 2006

the west wing....

I am really going to miss The West Wing when the series ends this year. This final season has been a good year of shows because it brings me back to my political campaign days.

In last nights episode (Election Night, part II) I was so taken aback when the republican operatives were talking about Nevada voters and the question was asked "do you know how many voters there are in Nevada?" and another one of those idiots stated "yeah, but how many of them are legal?" -- that made me want to puke. What a self-righteous egotistical....oh yeah, it's just a tv show. But what a great thought provoking show.

I can't wait to see the next episode with Leo McGarry's funeral -- last night's episode where he passed away had me weeping. I'm sure I am going to be a basket-case with the funeral.

Any chance of a new show with President-Elect Santos and his crew? Any chance of Jimmy Smits actually being that type of wonderful orater in real life and running for President?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

great books....

I've read some great books recently -- just finished Baby Trails (Sinead Moriarty). I loved loved loved the book and cannot wait until this summer for the last installment of the series. After I finished Baby Trails I had to look up the writers website to see if there were any other books with the same characters. Luckily for me the second book had already come out in the UK (thank goodness for Amazon). Now I just have to practice patience for the last one.

Since Perfect Match hadn't yet arrived in time for my trip to Tallahassee, I took along P.S. I love you (Cecilia Ahern). This book was also great. It made me weep -- and I can't wait to read the rest of Cecilia's books.

Loved loved loved Something Borrowed and Something Blue (Emily Giffin). I must favor books that continue the story of favorite characters. I couldn't wait to continue reading about Rachel and Dex -- I so hope a movie is made of this book and I hope Emily publishes Something Old and Something New too. At the back of the Something Borrowed book was a survey to write the author to let her know what you thought of the book. I was more than happy to do that since I loved the book -- and she sent me a copy of Something Blue (which I already had so I passed along to a friend) and she's sending me a copy of her third book Baby Proof. Can't wait to read that one!

Other favorites:

  • True Love (and other lies) (everything by Whitney Gaskell)
  • Shopoholic Series (everything by Sophie Kinsella)
  • Jemima J (everything by Jane Green)
  • Good in Bed (everything by Jennifer Weiner)

starting a blog....

Everyone seems to have one so I thought why not. It will help me keep track of things going on since life is just too crazy right now.

This blog will have my favorite books, scrapbooking, photography, and all things kids too.

Check out the kids new blog as well --

More to come..........