Monday, July 31, 2006

south padre island...

I went with the kids to S. Padre Island over the Fourth of July holiday. We all had so much fun at the beach last year that we wanted to do it again this year. I forgot how much I loved the beach and now I intend to go there every year to enjoy some R&R. The kids would much rather spend time at the pool so I told them next year I was going to go by myself -- this made Jacob a little leary and he asked if I knew how to get there. I told him I would follow the palm trees and he said he would come with me. He worries so much....the next day when they were all going to the pool, he decided he wanted to go with me to the beach. I was enjoying reading a book and enjoying just relaxing on the beach not thinking he would really show up -- next thing I know Jacob and Dad are strolling up to Jacob and I were able to have fun in the waves for a while. It was nice.

I wrote more about our trip on the kids website.

more travel....

It's been a while since I posted -- so I'll first catch up on latest the end of June I went to DC for work for a meeting on our upcoming Gala. This was around the time that DC was having those horrendous floods. Our plane was delayed going in and we finally got in six hours later and had to stay in a shady part of Arlington; we are always getting our hotel reservations late and this time we definitely paid for that. We left right after the meeting so it was an in and out trip.

The purpose of the trip was to have a tasting for our Gala dinner and to have a walk-through at Union Station where the event is to be held. This was my first tasting and I LOVED it. The food was all great (except for one nasty tasting piece) and it's the first time I had butternut squash soup. It was devine. It is going to be a great event and the food is going to taste amazing.

Next up was NYC in mid-July. This was a meeting for our upcoming summit. Quinton Tarantino was on the same flight going and coming through Newark. Nancy Kerrigan was checking into our hotel when we were checking in. I never see celebs in NY so this was eventful for me. We stayed at the Grand Hyatt and it was so nice. The staff there was excellent -- definitely the best hotel I have ever stayed in while in NYC.

No other big trips planned until September.