Friday, May 19, 2006

president bill clinton

Tonight I went to the Center for Public Policy Priorities Legacy Dinner honoring Bernard Rapoport -- Former President Bill Clinton was the keynote speaker.

This was a great event. There were so many politicos (lots from my old days in the Senate -- hard to believe they are still around) there it was a great night to people-watch. A few folks who were there:

  • Henry Cisneros
  • Tony Sanchez
  • Jim Mattox
  • Pete Laney
  • Kent Caperton
  • Hector Uribe
  • bunches of high profile lobbyists
  • and many many more

Clinton's gave a great speech and really emphasized how we have to do something now to bring the country together and help people out. Man I miss him in office! B also gave a great speech. I wish there were so many others like him but they broke the mold when they made B.

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