Monday, August 03, 2009

Updating on old travels....

I went to Chicago last year in June for a conference and October for an event. Both times I stayed over (June for a few extra days and October one extra day). The June trip went until July 5 so I was able to experience the Fourth of July on the water in Chicago. The fireworks were amazing and they had like three or four nights of them. Chicago is a beautiful city with lots to see. I went on a double-decker tour so I could see as much as possible. I also went to see the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox play. At the Cubs game, Kevin Costner was there and walked up the aisle in our area. Mmmm mmmm mmmm. The White Sox game was on the fourth so they had a patriotic theme to the game. There were quite a few murders during my trip -- it was the Taste of Chicago and there were lots of hoodlums out and about. But all in all I absolutely loved it. What a way to spend my birthday. On the way home I forgot about the water restrictions and almost had to throw away Sydni's two waterglobes. A very nice American Airlines ticket agents took mercy on me and actually took them to mail them home for me!!! How nice was that?

Chicago skyline

Sue the Dinosaur
The sign says it all...
Wrigley Field

White Sox game
For October, I stayed an extra day to see the Chicago Blackhawks play. Thus started my obsession with hockey. Oh Patrick Sharp what a cutie!!!

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