Sunday, April 04, 2010

My Blackhawks in New York

I had to go to NYC for work and since the Blackhawks were playing the NY Islanders, I had to go see my boys. The tickets to sit close to the team were cheap. This is the closest I've been to the Blackhawks so it is a shame that most of my photos came out blurry.  Even though the Hawks lost, I am still glad I went to see them.  Oh yeah, there was a hat trick -- too bad it was for the other team though.

The train ride to Long Island has to have been on the oldest train ever.  And my jersey brought a bit of attention to us.  A cop with a thick NY accent was like what is a broad from Texas doing wearing a Blackhawks jersey! Thank goodness Sheryl was with me because Long Island is a bit shady.

One other thing I took away from this trip was a great food find. There was a street food vendor who sells chicken and rice that was very good. There is always a line for his food.

I tried some BBQ that was on FoodTV but I was not impressed. Texas BBQ is better.

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