Tuesday, August 02, 2011

I embarrass my nephew

Though there are many reasons I can think of that would embarrass my nephew, the one he is most embarrassed about me is my laugh.

I had no clue until recently. We were at the movies and let's be real, these so called kids movies are made for adults. A lot of the humor in them is lost on kids so there are times when I am the one person laughing the loudest at the theatre.

Here's the scene: we are all at the theatre enjoying this stupid movie about animals that could talk. Throughout the movie I'm snickering and then finally let out a big belly laugh, why, I can't remember as it's all a blur now. All of a sudden I couldn't breathe because my nephew covered my mouth and harshly whispered "Dede don't laugh so loud!!!" and my niece on the other side of me was shushing me.

I was shocked. But not enough to stop me from laughing. Well he continued to do it and I **finally** realized that he was embarrassed. It was hard to control myself for the rest of the movie but I did for my little monkey boy.

We didn't talk much about it but it happened again at home so I had to ask him what was the problem.

He said: "You're supposed to chuckle not give a psychotic laugh!"

Then he proceeds to laugh like a hyena to show me what I sound like.

There you have it folks. If you need me I'll be refining my laugh.

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