Thursday, February 16, 2012

Feeling Wicked!

I have been to New York City a lot in my life and have had the opportunity to see Wicked on broadway during my travels - but unfortunately I never took that opportunity. Oh how I wish that I had.

When I saw that Wicked was coming back to Austin I immediately bought tickets for me, my mom and my sister as a Christmas present.

On the day of the show, my mom ended up being sick so it was just me and my sister. We showed up late so missed the very beginning of the show. Even that couldn't take away from the amazingness of the show. Oh how we loved it!

My friend Kristin is a huge fan of the show and kept telling me I would love it but I thought, eh it will be ok. No. It was. Amazing!

When my niece Sydni heard we were going she was so upset. So, of course I had to get tickets to take her and my nephew Jacob both to see it. My other nephew Caleb turned down the invitation so my sister and I took them both by ourselves. I'm so happy that they both loved it as much as we did.

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