Friday, April 28, 2006

george lopez...

My sister Diane and I went to the George Lopez concert in Austin tonight. That is one funny mexcan. 99% of what he says is absolutely true -- he talked about how kids today wouldn't last a day growing up how we did back in the old days. He talked about eating eggs with weiner, drinking water from the hose outside, eating menudo to help a hangover....ah the good old days.

He also talked a lot about the Immigration Rights debate that is going on now -- there are 39 million Mexicans in the US. They (idiots) are trying to get rid of 2 million -- George said that's not a problem; we'll just crank some more out to make up for those 2 million. When he first came out, he said something about people wanting to get rid of the Mexicans; and then he said "we aint going nowhere" which brought a huge response from the audience.

Robert Rodrigez (man is that man gorgeous!) introduced George and said that there were 13,000 people in the audience -- not bad.

I couldn't believe it but a guy was arrested for hitting his girlfriend during the show. He was in the second or third row and the cops came and took him away and George asked what he did to be arrested and they told him he was hitting the girl; he got after the folks around them for not doing anything about it. Then, a crazy woman kept trying to get up close to him and they had to haul her out -- it took like six security guards to deal with the woman.

Jorge -- that is one funny mexcan!

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