Friday, January 01, 2010

Chicago Blackhawks in Dallas - December 29, 2009

I made the trek to Dallas on December 29 to see the Chicago Blackhawks take on the Dallas Stars. Even though I am born and bred in Texas, I am a diehard Blackhawks fan. Read this post and this post if you don't believe me. Anyway, so I went to Big D with a friend and this was her first hockey game ever. Our seats were in row 7 (I like to get close to the action) and we had another Blackhawks fan beside us and behind us. Then this, I can't refer to her as anything but this, BITCH showed up and sat next to me. She was a diehard Stars fan and any time the Stars scored she screamed so loud and clapped so hard practically in my ear. So I returned the favor when the Blackhawks scored and proceeded to give me the evil eye the rest of the night even after she made her boyfriend change seats with her.

As you can tell from the pics, my favorite hockey player ever is Patrick Sharp. He is not only good but he is HOT! I pray he doesn't get traded but if he does, I'll root for him wherever he goes. Still be a Hawks fan but will always remain a Sharpie fan.

I'd much rather see a game in Chicago just because of the excitement from the fans, but I will continue to go see them whenever they go to Dallas.

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