Friday, January 01, 2010

new year's goals...

Happy 2010 everyone. I don't do resolutions because I NEVER stick to them so this year I made some goals.

Eat healthier and stick to Weight Watchers (both go hand in hand).

Be more patient...with the kids, with my mom, drivers (oh please let those slowpoke and bat outta hell drivers have made goals to be better drivers).

Read Dave Ramsey's book and actually do what it says. And let the kids know I am on a financial diet so this gravy train has dried up.

Help the Universe out in getting me a man who loves me (and is a good kisser oh and generous if you know what I mean). I've put the traits I want in a man so come on where are you?

Be a kinder person -- that includes not ragging on people (especially strangers or those on tv)....well damn I broke that one as I was watching the Dick Clark special last night. What the hell were some of those people wearing?

Ok that is all I can think of now but as I am inspired by other peoples goals I'll add to the list.

And, go by my recipe site to check out the great soup I made for lunch on New Year's Day.

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