Friday, August 20, 2010

Jersey Boys

The Jersey Boys has finally made it's way to Austin. Yeah!!!! I went with my mom and sister Diane to see the show. Since we had matinee tickets we made a girls day of it and had lunch at Hyde Park Bar and Grill first then on to the show. Sydni did not understand why she couldn't come with us since she, too, is a girl. I had to tell her that the show wouldn't let her in because of the language so that was fine with her.

I saw the original cast in New York years ago and absolutely loved the show.

The songs, the story, the actors, everything was amazing. I was worried the show wouldn't live up to my praise of it but I shouldn't have because my sister and mom LOVED it. I could watch it every day. You don't realize how many songs they sang or the back story of their rise and fall and it is all laid out for you. Very moving and everyone should see it.

After the show we fought traffic and went to get massages. Oh the hot stone massage I had was devine. A very nice way to end the day.

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