Monday, November 22, 2010

Childhood memories

Do you have a smell that takes you back to your childhood? Some of mine are Anise, Kool-a-Ped (don't ask) and hamburgers. Not just any hamburgers mind you....but Wesley's hamburgers.

Back in the day, or as some might call it -- Middle School, we were allowed to go off-campus for lunch. We would probably walk around six blocks to Wesley's Grocery Store and head to the back of the store to where Wesley was butchering meat and put in our order for one of his burgers. You would sometimes even find a line of kids waiting for burgers. He would put them in his little toaster (microwave) and then hand it to you still in its plastic wrapper. Then you would open it up and that smell would hit you. Yum!!

Over the years I've thought about those burgers but never thought I'd find it again. Well....

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

Yes!! I've found Wesley's burgers disguised as, of all things, Weight Watchers Mini Cheeseburgers.

The smell, the taste, the size -- it's all the same. Who knew all those years ago I was on a Weight Watchers plan?

Ok so now back to that walking six blocks to get lunch. Seriously? What were our parents and the school board thinking? There are psychos out there. Not to mention bad drivers.

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