Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tip of the Day: iPad Battery Losing Its Charge? Close Out Those Apps!

For the past couple of months my iPad has been running through the battery at a high rate. I used to be able to leave it on all the time, play on it and not have to charge it for days. Then I upgraded it and started noticing problems.

I tried everything I could think of, which, ok, consisted of googling for an answer and asking a co-worker. He suggested closing out my apps. I thought I was whenever I would stop using them! So, nothing worked and I took it into the Apple store. I had visions of them upgrading my iPad to the iPad 2.

Hey it worked on my nephew. "Someone" (seriously not me but I don't want to upset her by saying her name) accidentally dropped his iPad on the concrete and shattered it.

I took it in and they gave him a new one since his couldn't be repaired. No such luck with mine. But they did tell me how to fix it. It hasn't worked yet but they said give it a couple of days.

How to restore your iPad battery level:

You need to close out your apps from the multi-task bar. I mentioned how to bring up the multi-task bar in a previous post. Then you hold down one of the apps until a "minus (-)" sign comes up then click on the (-) sign and it will delete that app from the bar. Hopefully this will work.

And is there a manual some place for all these changes Apple made for the iPad that I have to find out about piece by piece?

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