Sunday, May 15, 2011

I have become a painting fool

Earlier this month a friend and colleague wanted to do something different for her birthday so off we went to this painting class. But it's not just any painting class - au contraire mon frère - it's a painting class with wine and hors deouvres. Who could say no to that?

We went to this little place called Painting with a Twist and had the best time. Our art for this visit was a field of bluebonnets. And it is so interesting to see the artwork come to life from beginning to end. At first you are thinking there is no way THIS...

is turning into THAT!

But as you can see it does.

I loved my first one so much that I decided to give it to my mom as one of her Mother's Day Presents then went back that same week to make another painting for my sis. They both loved them and my sis hung hers up that weekend.

My niece has now gotten the bug and has already painted four masterpieces.

I can't wait until next month as I plan to go a couple of more times. To try to redeem myself with redoing the leaves, uhm I mean relieve some stress this weekend, I even made a smaller version of the hibiscus painting for myself while at home.

Anyone up for wine and painting?

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