Tuesday, May 01, 2007

nascar again....

I went with Dad and Caleb to see the NASCAR races in Fort Worth at the Texas Motor Speedway. The weather was frightful on the way up but it cleared up by Sunday. There was a cold front that came through on Saturday so it was freezing and we didn't stay the entire race. Sunday's race weather was nice and warm. Jack Ingram was the entertainment but we were stuck in traffic so long that we weren't able to hear him sing.

I bought our seats from a friend and they were on the 60th row (yes 60th) -- and it was a hard climb up. The race was really good. Dale Jr. had a great race and led for quite a while. Everyone in the stands was going crazy (over 70% of merchandise sold there is all for Dale Jr.) -- and then Tony Stewart wrecked and caused one of the Bush boys into him. He tried to keep going but his car finally gave out. He is such a good loser that he even rode Kyle Bush's car the last 11 laps even though he was the reason Dale Jr. was out. We'll be going again in November and sitting in the 20th row.

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