Tuesday, May 01, 2007

round rock express...

Well, baseball season has started again and we have bought two season tickets to the games. Diane will not let the kids go with me to any school night games (Jacob went to one and slept most of the time and then had a hard time getting up the next morning). We're on the 9th row behind home plate and sit close to scouts and pitchers from the teams who are taking notes. The kids are enjoying it -- but they may end up costing me more in food than they did in tickets.

Jacob and I went to a party with the players the night before the opening game and we met Brooks Conrad, Mike Rodriguez and Hunter Pence. Jacob enjoyed the tour of the stadium as well but his favorite part was the 300 club with the Pac-Man machine.

All the kids enjoy that -- it's on the 2nd floor and only open to season ticket holders. They get free popcorn and get to play Pac-Man or watch the game on TV. Between that and the play area, it's a wonder we get to see any of the games.

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