Sunday, June 07, 2009

travel update....

seriously going to try and keep up with this blog (snickers).

Went to NYC for work at the end of May for five days. Busy few days with meetings. Also went to a Yankees game at the new stadium. OMG!!! That stadium is awesome!!! It is beautiful, has a HUGE jumbotron that is so clear and the seats are comfy. It is absolutely beautiful. There are giant posters about the history of the team AND there are servers who would come with our food (at least in the section we were sitting in). They didn't start out well but by the bottom of the 1st, the Yankees scored six runs in that inning. WooHoo. One cool thing is the grounds crew clean and dance to YMCA at the top of the 7th. We left early but they did win the game.

Saw the actress who was in one episode of Sex and the City on the subway on the way home from the game. She played the girl who met Carrie in the bathroom-- told her that she went out with Aiden after Carrie did and then made a face. That bugged Carrie and she had to know what that face meant.

After NY, went to Nashville also on business on a new campaign we're working on with one of our celebs. She is so cool and down to earth. It was a great meeting and so many good things are going to come out of this partnership.

Went shopping for souvenirs for the kids before the meeting since we got there so early. There was so much "stuff" -- bought a finger nail clipper in the shape of a guitar. Almost got a fly swatter in the shape of a guitar too but held out.

(May 26, 2009)
Next trip is next week to Cleveland. Also going to an Indians game to continue my tour of the ballparks.

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