Saturday, June 13, 2009

Travel update - Cleveland

I am traveling for work this weekend. I was supposed to leave on Thursday morning but bad weather in Dallas delayed pretty much all of AA's flights. The line was so long to talk to a ticket agent that I called instead. They couldn't get me out until Saturday so I flew NWA instead and came in on Friday. That was my first time flying NWA and also my first time going through Detroit. Both the planes and the airport were tiny and a total of about six hours of delays from them too.

Cleveland is not what I expected. My driver from the airport was a trip. First he couldn't open the trunk, then he left his portfolio on the top of the car and it went flying down the road, then he guns the gas and we jerk around. I hope I don't have him on the way back on Tuesday.

During my lunch break I hopped a cab to the house where "A Christmas Story" was filmed. That is my dad's favorite movie so I had to get some pics for him. It was so funny seeing all this stuff from the movie. I bought Dad, Mom and my sis some souvenirs - not the kids because they haven't become used to the movie like we have. Every year we watched the marathon of that movie on TBS and every year we asked each other "how many times is dad going to watch that movie?".

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