Thursday, December 31, 2009

my 15 seconds of fame

In my previous Chicago (Dec 09) post I mentioned that one of the staff from the Chicago Blackhawks organization interviewed me.  Well, it made it on to the Blackhawks website.  I look like such a DORK.  Let me repeat that for you.  I LOOK LIKE SUCH A DORK!  Whenever I get excited I get overly animated and this was no exception.  I cringe whenever I see it but am so glad I had that experience and such a great time on the trip.

Yes, that's me with my hands trying to cover my face and then being interviewed.  My friend Kelly who went on the trip with me is sitting to my right.

Sad to say, but yes I did mention how cute Patrick Sharp was. I can't help it - the man is a dreamboat.

Thank you to the Chicago Blackhawks and to Meijer for sponsoring the Hockey 101 Contest.

Oh, and I updated pics in my original post of my trip here.

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