Thursday, December 31, 2009

the 20 hamburgers you must eat before you die

In 2006 Alan Richman wrote an article for GQ Magazine that had a list of the 20 burgers you must eat before you die. I do like a good hamburger so I was intrigued by the list. To tell you how much I like burgers, whenever I stay in a hotel I usually order a hamburger just to see what that particular hotels tastes like. I've even been known to pick a hotel because of the burger (ok actually the room service).

So far I've been to ten of the restaurants (some really can not be labeled restaurants...) and eaten nine hamburgers. Yes, I was denied in Newport, RI because of the dress code. They wouldn't even let me take it to go. 

The last place I ate one of the burgers on the list was at Houston's in Santa Monica, CA. This particular burger would not have made my list but that is just me. The best one I have tasted so far was at Barclay Prime in Philadelphia, PA. ADM (Ay dios mio for those not in the know), that was a GOOOOOD kobe slider. And the rest of the meal was phenomenal. I want to go back to Phillie just to go to that restaurant. The burger at Louie's in New Haven, CT reminded me the most of a home cooked burger. Not as good as my mom's burgers but it was still good.

The one that really puzzled me as to how they made the list was Keller Drive-In in Dallas. I mean this was a dive and not in the best neighborhood (or so it seemed). Sometimes greasy is not good.

The next trip to NYC, I want to make a side trip to Brooklyn to try out Peter Luger's burger.

Here is the original article with little tidbits on each pick.

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