Saturday, September 11, 2010

Allergic Reaction

There is nothing worse than spending money on pricey skin care products...and then being allergic to one of them. I have four new products and one of them is giving me an allergic reaction.

I've used Estee Lauder products on and off since my Aunt Eleanor first took me to buy makeup many many years ago. I've always loved their products but whenever I run out I usually use whatever Wal-Mart has on hand until I get really dry skin and then say screw it and spend the money to replenish my stash. Several months ago I noticed I had a dry skin patch on my eye lid so I proceeded to google it and self-diagnosed myself with an allergic reaction to a skin care product. But which one? I ran out of all my Estee Lauder stuff at the same time and didn't even think anything of it when my eye lids cleared up. It wasn't until I got in my products this week that I wondered if I would get a reaction. And sure enough I did. I'm going to have to eliminate products one at a time for a while to see what it is.

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