Friday, September 11, 2009


Not only am I trying to go to as many baseball stadiums as I can, I am also making my way through hockey teams (well, not literally but you know what I mean). I cut my teeth at the Austin Bats hockey games. Then, I happened to be in Chicago in October 2008 and the Blackhawks were playing. I went to a game and (angels singing) I was hooked! Maybe it helped that Patrick Sharp is just so darn good looking! Everybody's crazy 'bout a Sharp dressed man.....ok let me stop drooling now.

Next, I went to a NY Rangers game at Madison Square Garden. Hockey fans are outrageous and these were extremely so.... and loud!!

And then, Caleb and I went to a Dallas Stars vs. Blackhawks game (bummer that Patrick Sharp wasn't there due to an injury that a horrible Stars player gave him a couple weeks prior in Chicago. I seriously considered suing that Stars player for the cost of the tickets and my mental anguish of not seeing him.)

We were sitting on the third row and you could literally feel the plexiglass shaking when they would throw each other up against the wall.

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