Saturday, September 19, 2009

New York City and DC

Back in New York for business meetings. Had a great flight in (see First Class blog) and staying in a good location.

I got in Sunday afternoon and didn't get much sleep since my flight was so early. I rested and watched the end of the Cowboys game. Yeah Cowboys!!

Didn't even know until monday morning that the MTV VMA Awards was a couple of blocks down the street. Lots of star gazing missed opportunity.

Lunch on Monday was at Bryant Park. Lovely place and great Caesar salad. Didn't know until I got back to the hotel for the night that the Fashion Shows this week are being held in a tent there. Totally another missed star gazing opportunity.

Sex and the City 2 is filming a block away. Went over there for lunch Tuesday but didn't see any celebs.

Lots of eating from room service because I am just too tired to go out. I did do bad and had one roll with butter. But it was with noodles and baked chicken.

Will be heading to DC next via train. I absolutely love taking the train. The seats are bigger and you have more room to spread out. I did flash some folks though while I was in the toilet. I thought I had locked the door but it must not have latched on because we hit a bump and the door went flying open as I was on the pot. So embarrassing.

Had lots of meetings and a gala to attend. Was in the elevator with Patti Ausin and didn't even know who she was -- just chatting away. She has an awesome voice. Nothing too exciting in DC. Back in the cattle section on the way home.

Travel again next week.

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