Thursday, February 17, 2011

Recommitting to Weight Watchers

The last time I was completely on plan with Weight Watchers was December 8, 2010. That was the last time I had a loss at a weigh-in. Then I started baking holiday goodies for my family and preceded to eat everything that wasn't tied down. When I weighed in again at the beginning of the year, I had gained 6.2 pounds in those short weeks. Incredible.

Was it worth it? Absolutely not.
Was I proud of myself? Absolutely not.
Did it kick my butt in gear and get me back on plan? Absolutely not.

What did make me want to get back on that horse was reading all these weight loss blogs and hearing the success other people were having.

I finally weighed in tonight and stayed the same which in my opinion was a success because I still had not completely gotten back to tracking everything until today. NOW I feel like I am on track and ready to get back to it! So thank you to everyone who is sharing their story!

This week's Twitter Weight Watchers chat (#wwchat) came while I was still at work so I'm answering the questions here again:

1) Do you plan your meals ahead for the week, why or why not, and does it work?
{I'm not that organized to plan ahead like that. I do have recipes that I know I want to make, like this sauteed shrimp and zucchini, but it just depends on how the work week is going.}

2) What are some of the ways you prepare or things you bring to work or travel to help you stay on plan?
{When I was traveling a lot for work, I would literally pack a box of goodies to carry with me so I wouldn't snack on fattening foods. I actually posted about this a while back. I also keep a drawer at work with WW friendly snacks as I tend to eat more when I am stressed - which happens at work a lot.}

3) What are some low point fast food options you reach for if need be?
{My local Randall's has this snack pack that has carrots, pretzels, grapes and cheese that comes out to 3WW points. I will keep some of these in the refrigerator at work occasionally. I also like to have apples, bananas and oranges readily available. And Jiffy Pop Kettle Popcorn and sweet pickles. My newest favorite though is this 2pt Lemon Mousse Pie mini bar from Weight Watchers - so delicious. Tiny but delicious.}

4) What keeps you going to meetings each week?
{I've been awful at going to meetings so I'm going to hope others can help with this question.}


Brittany said...

Yay for recommitting and yay for having people to help you and support you along the way!!!

Denise said...

Thanks Britt!