Sunday, February 06, 2011

Snow, snow, snow......

It is rare for our little area of Texas to get snow so when we do get some, we tend to be in awe. And, I'll admit, happy because that inevitably means a SNOW DAY from work. The snow we got last week was not very much. In fact, by early afternoon it had pretty much melted.

Now, the rest of the country got hammered. See that picture above? That was a picture from space provided by NASA and shows that pretty much everyone would be getting snow.

See that arrow in the same picture? That shows you about where we are. {sigh} So I guess we should be grateful for the dusting of snow that we did get.

One funny thing to see as a result of this cold weather was the car washes and all the frozen sheets they had in them. The photo above was one my cousin took but I saw almost the exact same thing at another car wash but the one I saw also had the blue scrubbing brush down and icicles falling from it. But it was too darn cold for me to get out and take a picture.

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