Saturday, January 29, 2011

my blog redesign

Last week I went crazy on Etsy and bought new blog designs for three of my blogs. I love them all but am now constantly checking out what new designs are up. These premade templates are definitely the way to go. You pick out which design you want, pay for it and send your title to the designer. They email you the files and either upload it for you or give you instructions to do it yourself. So simple and voila instant blog.

My blog about everything in general: just denise
(Design from Dream Like Magic)

My blog for my obsession with food, cooking and recipes: addicted to recipes
(Design from Erin Bradley Designs)

My blog/scrapbook for my niece and nephews: life with the Blomquist Triplets
(Design by Simply Fab Blog)

{note the header is off a smidgen but enough to drive me batty -- ugh!}

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