Thursday, January 06, 2011

I fell off the wagon....the Weight Watchers wagon

I have some serious issues. There are times when I do great at tracking my Weight Watchers points then there are times, like the last month, where I want to eat everything known to man and don't track to top it off. Christmas was especially bad food wise because I ate too much of everything I baked.

Well today was my day of reckoning and I went in to weigh in the way, if you didn't know this was the beginning of a new year, all you had to do was go to a Weight Watchers meeting and see the three long lines of people waiting to register. It is NEVER like that at meetings. I wonder how long people will stay at it?

Anyway, back to my weight....I knew I was going to gain weight for the month I was off the wagon but even I was shocked at the number. And there is no way I'm putting that number out here in print. I will say that it was more than 2 lbs and less that 7 lbs. I guess those cookies do add up. Back to tracking.

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