Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sam Moon

If you are a purse fanatic like me, I hope to high heaven there is a Sam Moon close to you.

Late last year we finally got one in our neck of the woods. Every day on my way to work I would see the sign that said what day they would be opening. Having never been to one I was curious but didn't feel the urgent need to be one of the first ones at the store.

So I waited about a month to go and when I walked in, it was like a light from above was shining down on me. Pure Bliss. I had never seen so many fake, cheap purses all in one place in my life.

Now I am a girl who likes my cheap faux purses. I lived for the times I would take a trip to New York because I knew at some point I would be making a stop at one of the street vendors and buying a purse (or two).

One trip, after a meeting I said good-bye to a co-worker and made my way to the corner to check out the purses. I ended up buying four (not all were for me of course) and didn't have any money left for a cab to get back to the hotel. Or any cash to get to the burger place that was on my list of the top 20 burger places to try, much less the money to buy a burger. So I called my boss and asked if she was hungry -- I asked her if she could swing by and pick me up as I was just a few blocks away from this awesome burger place we had to try. She did and laughed when she saw the trash bag full of purses. It was even funnier having to go through the airport with that trash bag because the purses wouldn't all fit in my luggage.

I have found my purse Mecca in Sam Moon and have allotted a monthly shopping trip to my budget. If you haven't been to one yet, run to your nearest Sam Moon.

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