Wednesday, January 05, 2011

What is in these cookies?

I baked a lot of cookies this past Christmas and had several favorites but whenever I am jonesing for a cookie I always go to my little Pillsbury doughboy for salvation.

Those ready to bake cookies are Awesome!!! I don't know what they put in those cookies to make them so yummy but if I wasn't on Weight Watchers I would eat an entire box by myself. Oh who am I kidding -- I ate about a dozen last night.

I made the last of the stash I had from the holidays last night but what to my wondering eyes should I see at the store today?

Yes, their Valentines selection of cookies is already out there. And yes I bought a couple of boxes.

If you haven't tasted these you have got to give them a try. Simply the best.

** Pics from the Pillsbsury website **

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